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November 2018
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Cincinnati Comic Expo
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 3:55 pm

Yesterday, September 17, I spent the day at the Cincinnati Comics Expo and a good time it was for me.

After about an hour while, I assume, the attendees were getting settled as to what they wanted to see and do, I was drawing constantly, mostly caricatures of people as their favorite comic characters.

This gentleman asked to be Superman then was so pleased with his drawing he came back later and asked to be drawn as Nick Fury!

I also was asked to do a couple of character sketches, this one in someone’s “James Dean Sketchbook.” She was carrying a black hardbound sketchbook and asking various artists to draw, from the provided reference photos, James Dean. It was my first time to encounter a movie star themed sketchbook. Usually it’s comic characters, Muppets, mash-ups of the two or other similarly bizarre combinations. At an earlier convention this year I was asked to contribute to an Alfred E. Neuman sketchbook.

 This time I chose a photo and caricatured Dean.

There is also a gentleman who always asks for sketches of Medusa, not the mythological character but the MARVEL character, she of the flame-tinted living tresses. He looks for drawings that highlight the strength he sees in the character (where most artists go for the sex appeal), luckily I got that bit of information out of him before I started and decided to show her hoisting up several other more notable MARVEL strong-man types. Or bits of them!

He liked that enough that he also bought a previous Medusa drawing I had done for my letter-size sketch folio that was more pin-up than this one.

I also sold my 11th Doctor marker caricature out of my sketch folio.

Which I may make prints of for future conventions. (Without the annoying © symbol.)

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