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October 2018
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An Ergonomic Post
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:08 pm

For the last ten years plus I’ve been plying my trade primarily in this corner using a computer desk I bought in 2000. (This photo is from 2009 when the heat went out.)

It’s a standard height desk arrangement which required me to lay my Wacom tablet on a surface higher than my elbows which resulted in a decade plus of hunched shoulders and widely placed elbows. I’ve recently decided that is not a good idea due to increasing instances shoulder elbow and wrist pain. So, I was inspired, after seeing a client’s computer work station where he was standing up as he typed, after he demonstrated it’s electrical raising and lowering capability, to get something like that for my work station. Hopefully one that would, at it’s lowest point, be sufficiently lower than the existing desktop, to allow my shoulders not to hunch, my elbows to function at right angles and my wrists not to be bent.

I found one here, Ergo Depot, which also had the option of just buying the base and using my existing desktop. As you can see from the photos it allows me to lower the desktop to it’s lowest level and stay in my Aeron chair or raise it and work standing for awhile. It will take some time for me to get things arranged for optimum comfort and for my body to readjust after more than a decade of hunching over but at this moment I’m optimistic this will improve things. I’m considering cutting the shape of the tablet out of the desktop to be able to inset the Wacom tablet to the level of the top or as close as possible. Same thing for my game controller I use for keyboard shortcuts with my left hand.

One Response to “An Ergonomic Post”

  1. Scott Story Says:
    Absolutely fascinating and cool, Paul! I’ve been re-doing my modest studio as well, and you’ve given me some ideas.