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November 2018
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Inconjunction XXVIII
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:48 pm

Last weekend we had a dealers room table at Inconjunction XXVIII, the local Indianapolis, IN science-fiction convention. This was our second year in the dealers room at the convention. My wife and I were involved in the first Incon 28 years ago. Actually we met at that first convention. We lost touch with it during the years we lived in Atlanta and for several years after we returned to Indianapolis in 1991. But for years she mentioned to me that we should get a table and try to resell the inevitable accumulation of things we’ve acquired in 30+ years of attending science-fiction conventions. (Things that make regular yard sale crawlers scratch their heads.) Last year I decided it was time and luckily I made the decision in a sufficiently timely manner to reserve dealers space. I also decided that I would try to sell some digital “Body Shop” caricatures. It worked out well enough that we reserved two tables this year. All things remaining equal we’ll do it again next year.

This is my digital set up. The crowd can watch me work on the external monitor slaved to the laptop screen.
(That’s not a bandage on my hand. I wear a white cotton cut away glove so that my hand glides across the surface of the Wacom tablet.) The printer that prints the 8.5″ x 11″ images on 80lb. paper is on a small table behind the screen.

One of the new bodies debuted at the convention. Soon to be up in the “Body Shop” area of my web site.

Tending the table is pretty much a full time job so I rarely left the dealers room. Here are some “hall costumes” that came within camera range. (Hall costumes are sometimes different than what you’d see in the formal Costume Competition in the evening.)

U.S. Agent

Rock Critter of some sort.

A stereotypical wizard.

Steampunk” is a genre that imagines if the Jules Verne Victorian era was when technology took off.

A panorama of the dealers room from our vantage point. That’s a book dealer not quite ready to open, hence the blue cover sheets over his wares.

Gaming dealer, sword dealer in the far background, costume dealer.

Beautiful wood box dealer, Dr. Who dealer, T-shirt dealer.

Our tables.

And the lovely wife. We managed to move a lot of SF Fan Garage Sale stuff but there’s more left for next year!

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  1. Emily Says:
    Hey Paul. Very cool to see your digital set-up! And your work is looking good!