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October 2018
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Caricature Progress 01
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 10:53 pm

I’m going to try and post a sequence to show a caricature in development. This one will serve a dual purpose. I’ll first do it as a new entry in the Body Shop then I’ll take the same thing into a larger format and create a fully painted digital caricature. In my last science fiction convention appearance it was suggested I do up a Battlestar Galactica President Laura Roslin format for future conventions and the internet BSG fan base.

I gathered up my reference to suit the design I came up with which will involve Roslyn, Baltar and Adama. I found a good shot of the President’s office so I did a line drawing for the background. (All this is done in Painter X. This stage was done using the straight line pencil tool.)

After that I started sketching the figures. Unfortunately I decided too late to initiate an “iterative save” in Painter which would have allowed me to show you the earliest version of the figure sketching process. This image is after I settled the body poses and well into the stage of trying to capture a likeness for all three characters. Not all the way there as yet, especially with Mary McDonnell (pretty women are tougher).

The layering aspect of Painter (and Photoshop, the program in which I used to do these things) is great to mimic tracing paper which allows the artist to move elements around easily. The background is on one layer, the figures, another.

This is how the figures will be placed in the background. (The figure work is also the pencil tool using a non-photo blue color just as a way of  separating the preliminary from the finished line work. At times when a drawing has to go through many iterations I’ll use different colors to keep them distinct.)

The Body Shop entry will be done as a line drawing with simple coloring and the head of Mary McDonnell will be replaced by any female fan who wants to put their heel into Baltar’s neck. The larger painted version will be of the actress and will be used as a sample and offered as a print.

2 Responses to “Caricature Progress 01”

  1. Emily Says:
    This is so great. I can’t wait till it is ready. So cool. Emily
  2. Jess Says:
    WOW! I totally love this! I would love to buy one when you have done please email me!