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June 2013
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Wedding Reception
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:18 pm

Today I drew for a wedding reception at the Palomino Ballroom. Here are a very few of the 4 hours of drawing;

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Edward Jones Booking
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 11:35 am

Last night, 06-13-13, I drew at a child friendly function for Edward Jones investment firm.

Initially I was drawing all the kids, which I no longer photograph when it’s just kids, I started drawing the adults.

Special thank to Kate at the Omni Severin Hotel for recommending me to the folks at Edward Jones.

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Live Long & FORCE IT!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 7:42 pm

This is Franco Aureliani of “Art and Franco,”
creators of the DC comics, Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures, Aw
Yeah Comics! and the Aw Yeah Podcast (along with John Siuntres). I
listen to their podcast and Franco came up with this slogan for the new
J.J. Abrams Star Wars films anticipating some sort of Star Trek/Star
Wars mash-up. I’d done a caricature of Art Baltazar a year or so back so
it was time to do Franco.

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Digital Drawing at Sam’s Club for Riley Hospital
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:06 pm

Saturday morning I was at Sam’s Club on Rockville Road in Indianapolis doing retail digital caricatures. A percentage of the cost of each drawing went to Riley Hospital for Children.

I was right in the entrance, so this is what the customers would see as they came in (with me sitting and drawing, of course - this was taken before opening.) The vertical flat screen mirrors what I’m drawing on the Yiynova 19U screen.

I began offering the stock body selection I’ve been using for about 6 years at SF and Comic shows in the area.

What would be an over my shoulder shot had I had someone else take the photos.

I have several printers I use in these situations, this is the largest but I had more ink for that one than any other and the Sam’s Club is very close to my house so packing and travel wasn’t an issue.

The banners I use to let folks know where I am and what I’m doing and for how long.

This one was from a photograph of the guy.

Then I realized not everyone would want a silly body so i told them I’d do just their heads.

I was able to donate $100 to Riley Children’s Hospital, a worthy cause.

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Sunday Graduation Party in Culver, IN
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 2:34 pm

Sunday I was up in Culver, IN (2.5 hrs.north of Indianapolis) for a graduation party for four young ladies from Culver Academy.

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