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September 2012
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Cincinnati Comic Expo 2012
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 3:16 pm

Last weekend I was drawing at the third annual Cincinnati Comics Expo.

This was the room as the vendors and others were setting up. My booth is circled in red.

This year the CCE was a two day convention and they dedicated more programming time to kids activities. My space was in the Kids Con area. Whether that determined that I was to draw more kids than adults I don’t know, but that’s the way it worked out. And the trend of drawing from cell phone photos continued.

This was another drawing from a cell phone photo which I forgot to shoot as I did the earlier ones.

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9th Doctor Caricature
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 7:16 pm

My marker caricature of Chris Eccleston, the 9th Doctor Who.

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10th Doctor Caricature
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:08 pm

I just finished this marker caricature of the 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant. This weekend I will be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, where I will be set up in the Kid Con area doing caricatures. I will have prints of this piece as well as the 11th Doctor for sale at my table.

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Paul Ryan Caricature
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:13 pm

A rare political caricature, the ISCA forum has a weekly drawing feature wherein a celebrity is chosen and those interested and with time do their versions for tips and critiques.

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Studio Rearranging/Constructon Project
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:13 pm

This summer I’ve been doing some rearranging in the studio to make better use of what used to be the oil painting corner which was never utilized as effectively as it should have been. While I had my big easel set up and I could paint there I also had a model stand on the corner and I never used it for anything other than as a flat surface upon which to pile a lot of stuff. I removed that stand and shifted all the piled up stuff around, getting rid of a lot of it. I decided I wanted to build shelf units to fill that expanse of wall from the window to the floor to ceiling entertainment unit I built in 2001. The first two units would be for “stuff,” the third for books. This is the first unit to go in place.

As soon as they were completed they were filled. Each of the two “stuff” shelves are 8 feet tall and 16 inches deep. Here’s the second one in progress and in place.

The small bookshelf to the right is to be replaced by the 8 foot tall 14 inch deep unit pictured below which i just finished. Fourteen inches deep to match the entertainment unit.

Here’s all of them.

After 20+ years of collecting tools and some woodworking knowledge it was gratifying to be able to build this last unit which provided challenges in that it had to be assembled in situ due to the restrictions placed on it by the entertainment unit, the vent and the lack of true walls, etc. Challenges were presented at every stage but I was always able to find the correct tool with which to solve the problem. I’m glad I took the time to organize my garage shop before I started so I knew where everything is (mostly) so I could minimize any time wasted looking for tools. It also gave me the chance to make use of tools not used for years.

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