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July 2011
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M&I Bank Customer Appreciation Day
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:34 pm

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M&I Bank Booking at Victory Field
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 2:49 pm

Hot, hot, hot! But fortunately we were able to situate under the shade of the trees in the Third Base Picnic area of Victory Field.

He put the visor on after I drew them!

Now he smiles!

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New Corporate Caricature Commission
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 7:35 am

This one was just shipped out to the client Tuesday before I went off to draw at Victory Field for a couple of hours for M&I Bank.

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Derby City Comic Con!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 2:35 pm

Saturday, Scott Story and I drove down to Louisville, KY for the inaugural Derby City Comic Con.

Attendance was amazing! The staff did a magnificent job of publicizing the one day comic show in the Louisville media which resulted in a larger than normal percentage of “citizens” attending. (By “citizens” I mean people outside of the usual comic fan contingent that would know of and come to the con by reflex. How do you know a “citizen” from a “comic fan?” My unscientific, but reliable, method is to look at their shirts. No comic logos or images, good bet they are “citizens.”) I’ve seen a YouTube video made there wherein it is stated that they hoped for 1000 attendees and they got 2000!
I was drawing  non-stop 99% of the time the show was open, from 10 AM to 5 PM. I was offering “sketches” of people’s favorite comic characters and caricatures. I did no character sketches but I did almost all caricatures of people as characters. My first one was of a young boy as the Joker, unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of that one and of the regular, non-character head caricatures of three sisters. Here are the ones I did think to photograph.

These poor guys had to stand there the entire time I drew them which was longer than usual because I was enjoying talking with them as well as drawing them. The fellow on the left is dressed as a particular character but even though I asked him about it I can’t recall what he told me.

Then it was on to the kids. Fortunately I remembered to use my iPad 2 to photograph the subjects from here on. I was able to see the subjects photo at the full size of the iPad which allowed me to release them to enjoy the con, checking back with me periodically to pick up their drawing when I finished.
 This is the sister of the Joker I forgot to shoot. She wanted to be a Princess like in Tangled so to keep her face larger enough I just filled the paper with golden hair.

From here you can see the iPad photo and the drawings.
A young boy as a LotR warrior, “Boromir, when he was BAD!,” he said.

Captain Atom.

This young lady wanted to be a Sith Warrior. We both decided she didn’t want a red face and horns all over so s
he showed me some reference on her phone of a black robed midriff showing female Sith.

She wanted to be a butterfly. Sometimes I just have to make up the smile!

This young man wanted to be Batman, in fact he had the mask on all the rest of the time. I had to explain I couldn’t make it look like hit with the mask. We settled on this compromise.

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