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March 2010
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Corporate Heads
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 12:03 pm

I recently finished a large corporate job, caricaturing over 30 award winning people. In a week or two, after their awards presentation, I’ll post some samples of the award format, that I designed and created, in which I placed all these heads.

A very appreciative and considerate client, one of my best.

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A fun live booking for Troyer Foods
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:01 pm

I’ve been very busy with studio work this month so this posting of the drawings I did March 10 at the latest Troyer Food Show held here in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium is late in going up.

Troyer likes themed events and asks me to do a pre-drawing to fit their theme, this year it was football so I did a cheerleader for the ladies…

And a football player for the men, yes I know it’s sexist but I always offered the player to the women and the cheerleader to the men!

But most people, especially those who were in pairs or groups went with my standard head & shoulders shot on the logo paper.

One of my favorite aspects of live bookings are the talks I get to have with my subjects. The couple above turned out to be my kind of people, science-fiction fans. I can’t recall how we got onto the topic but we spent the drawing period talking about Tarzan, John Carter of Mars and other things related to Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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My Comic on the Shelf in a comic store!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:40 pm

Last week I dropped off 10 copies of League of Analogues #1 at D’wntwn
Comics South, 8925 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis - (317) 885-6395.
Go buy one!

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Busy, busy
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:12 pm

I’ve been too busy to do much, if any, blog updates but I took the time to show you this very fun project I just did for an ad agency in Pennsylvania. Corporate executives done up as super heroes for an internal presentation.

The top two rows were the first job. The corporation liked them so much they came back to me for 15 more, the lower ones. Lot of fun!

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My Comic Arrives!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 2:26 pm

Actually, it’s mine and Dave Williams comic and there’s nothing “comic” about it, but those are the conventions when referring to a publication of sequential storytelling and Dave calls it “his” comic so I can as well!
I will see if any of the local comic shops want to have a few copies on their counter touting a local creator but failing any interest there any interested party can contact me and I’ll sell them one as long as my copies last. Eventually it will probably be available on