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November 2008
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New Calendar Art
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:47 pm

I’m preparing my promotional calendar for 2009. This year I’m changing the header art, replacing the line art with some digitally painted caricatures.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know this is the current actor, David Tennant, playing Dr. Who. The series can be seen on the SCI-FI Channel and BBC America, for those of you fortunate to live in an area with that channel.

This one reflects my love of old films. Bogart and Bacall.

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In praise of 2B
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:17 pm

For several weeks, if not months, I’ve been using only watercolors at the IAC open model sessions. Sunday I broke the streak and went back to basics. The humble 2B pencil. While at the NCN convention I did some sketching with a 6B lead. That’s the preferred lead grade for some park artists who do their line work in pencil then airbrush color on top of the pencils, fixing the lead lines so they don’t smear. That’s why I was trying the 6B. I found it a bit too soft so I ordered some 2B leads for the fat lead holder. That’s what I used for these drawings. Soft enough to smear around with a paper towel an a blending stump to get a nice gray tone into which you can work to pick out the modeling and highlights with a kneaded eraser.

Started with a traditional portrait.

Then had some fun with a caricature.

Then a nice back pose.

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Riley Hospital World Diabetes Day
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:00 pm

Saturday I drew for two hours at Riley Hospital for Children for the Annual World Diabetes Day. Mostly kids.

I also got a second or two exposure on the local news that night. 

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2008 NCN Caricaturist Convention
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:53 pm

Two weeks ago Barbara and I were in Raliegh, NC for a week for the annual convention of the National Caricaturist Network, which is actually an international group of caricature artists. I’ve been trying to attend one of these gatherings for the last several years but something always got in the way. This year I planned a little better and managed to make it.
Imagine, if you will, 180+ artists from all over the world. Japan, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA all gathered in a Holiday Inn for a week that basically consists of drawing. Drawing each other, watching one another for style, technique and tool tips. All generously shared. There were likeness, speed, portfolio and wall competitions. Here are some of the many photos I took.

The first few folks I drew.

Shots of various other artists around the room.

Drawing and being drawn simultaneously!

My result. This was one of the Japanese artists.

After a few drawings I realized I was doing the same thing I do at bookings and this was a time for experimentation!

So I tentatively started to add in some bodies.

This was a French-Canadian artist who was very interested in my coloring technique so I drew him and stopped and showed him each step as I progressed.

This is the 
final configuration of my competition wall.

The drawing room, or my end of it, was either very cold or hot so layers were the best clothing choice!

On Friday night there’s a banquet where the awards are given out and afterward everyone goes around collecting all the drawings done of them by their colleagues. This is Emily Anthony, me and my drawing of her. Emily is a great artist from Lancaster, PA who was drawing with markers, digitally, airbrushing and sculpting this year!

My lovely wife came with me and hopefully had a nice weeks vacation amongst all these artists.