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October 2008
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Halloween House Party
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:12 pm

Saturday night I drew for two hours at a Halloween house party.

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45 minute Bogart
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:40 pm

I’m slowly working on my calendar for 2009, which I give to clients, friends, family and use myself. I’ve got all the days, birthdays, holidays etc. updated, now I want to change the banner art for the top of each page. To that end this afternoon I spent about 45 minutes on a Bogart caricature. I’ll work more on it later and hopefully add Lauren Bacall to it.

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Lafayette Booking
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:55 am

It always feels nice to be asked back for repeat business. A dinner party for a Lafayette, IN firm for their South American operatives.

The sombrero and mustache was not my idea, but after the guys behind me urged me to draw them I asked him before I did it, in case it was offensive.

This gentleman had a South American jungle adventure where he ate monkeys! I was encouraged by his coworkers to work that into the drawing.

Camera flash betrayed me this time.

During the dinner portion of the party I drew the members of the Danny Weiss Jazz Trio.

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Hardware Trade Show Day 2
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:05 pm

The crowd was a bit sparse so I started the day drawing several family members of attendees from photos. I only do this when live subjects aren’t available and when someone comes up to be drawn I set the photo drawing aside to return to later. In most of these I’ve used Photoshop to enlarge the photo I used, none were larger than wallet size.

She is a clown for her church! I tried to draw her “auguste” clown costume from her description.

When I get to do super-heroes I rarely get to draw Aquaman, in fact I think this was a first!

I don’t normally specify favorites but this was my favorite of the day. She said she wanted to be “Outdoor Living Woman” and she works for Do-It-Best, hence the costume.

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Hardware Trade Show Day 1
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:37 pm

Today I worked the Do-It-Best Hardware Trade Show at the convention center. The client asked for super-hero theme drawings to tie in with their featured product.

Of course, not everyone wanted a super-hero.

“Hancock” this one almost threw me, luckily I had seen the film.

Not exactly a super-hero but it was what he wanted.

Then there’s always an Elvis.

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New Commission Piece
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 10:18 pm

Here’s the latest commission caricature I finished last week. I’m including the reference photos so you can see the resemblance.

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Two More
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 3:13 pm

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Wall of Faces
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 3:11 pm

This week I delivered some new employee caricatures to the Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation. Last year I did an on-site booking to draw all their employees. Since then they have asked me to draw any new hires. This time I learned that they have framed and hung all my works on the main hallway wall!

Very flattering. (The bottom row are employees that have left the foundation.)

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