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September 2008
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A Corel Painter X/Photoshop Tip
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:51 pm

On the off-chance that some other artists may read this blog I offer a tip for those using Corel Painter X and to a lesser extent Photoshop. A file that has lots of layers and/or a large background image the real-time usage of the painting tools may (and in my case, definitely did) slow down to an annoying level. (Annoying meaning anything less than real-time!) How many layers are too many? When the tools slow down, that’s when! Your computer may have more power than mine and thus be able to accept more active levels. I encountered this today working on a large commission piece.

(The blue dots are because this one isn’t finished and won’t be delivered until next week)

To fix this I did two things. I collapsed as many layers as I could and I removed the large background image into a separate file until I need it after all the rendering is finished. One or both fixed the lag problem. I’ve encountered the too many layers problem on previous commissioned pieces so removing the background may not have been necessary but it only took a few seconds so better safe than sorry.

I have encountered this same problem in Photoshop but not for a long time so I’m guessing Photoshop handles lots of layers better, but if it starts getting wonky you might investigate this fix.

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More Watercolors from the Art Center
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:35 pm

Got a new pallet and some tube watercolors (there was a sale). Previously I was using some pan watercolors.

The model was tickled that I painted her tan lines!

A 25 minute pose, not enough time for me to get some real contrast into the piece.

This one was two 25 minute poses so I got more contrast into it.

A wonderful pose, not done justice by me effort. Also a fifty minute pose in two parts.

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