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October 2007
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How I Spent My Summer Not-Vacation!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:36 pm

In amongst the summer live bookings I had some very nice studio jobs. Here’s two of them;

This was done for RN Specialties, a firm that works for the nursing profession.

This was done in Illustrator using the calligraphy brush tool and the Wacom tablet and pen.

This one was a longer term project requiring a lot of consultations between me and the client and eventually the offices of the Mayor and Governor! (Not me, the client dealt with the politicians!) For their party invitation I gave them sketches of three different football oriented scenes, scrimmage line, tail-gating and stadium seating and three variations on printing folds. They chose the stadium seating and the gatefold design. This is the art for the outside of the invitation;

That’s the Mayor of Indianapolis on the left and the Governor of Indiana on the right up top looking disapproving.
It split right down the middle to open to this art;

These are only the illustrations, the outside had no type but the inside had all the party information placed in the gray wall area. I laid it all out and their in-house designer tweaked it with their own typeface choices. If they send me examples of the actual printed pieces I’ll post them later.

I used Corel Painter IX for this project. I like it’s ability to mimic real world art materials like pen and ink and marker coloring. I can get a smoother “ink” line using Painter than I can using Photoshop, which is the program I used before becoming comfortable with Painter.

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Two from Thursday Nights
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:23 pm

Another case of collaring a student when the model didn’t show. He was reading hence the downcast eyes.

Another instance of using the sight-size method.

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