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August 2007
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In the midst of 300 girls!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 5:26 pm

Wednesday night I drove west to a youth club near Turkey Run State Park. There were three hundred girls all between the ages of 4 and 14. I was introduced to what seemed to be ALL of them in the communal dining hall, where I set up on a stage platform and drew two girls as an example showing them what I do. The three shots above were taken from that platform before I started to draw. All the while they were cheering and chanting and surging around the platform. I started to have flashbacks to Mad Max and Thunderdome!

After those two drawings I was relocated to a smaller dining room where I was to draw the winners of contests from each cabin, bunk unit or something like that. Whittling 300 down to about 20. Very smart on the part of the ladies who booked me. Here are the photos I took.

About halfway through the process one of the girls said she’s rather I not take her photo for inclusion in this blog. After that I realized I was slowing myself down by shooting the photos so I stopped. The young man in the last photo was one of the staff’s son (one of only two boys in the camp!) and all during the booking he was going on and on about getting drawn even though he wasn’t a winner of the competitions, talking almost non-stop for two hours. As I was drawing the last young girl I challenged him to stay absolutely silent during that drawing. If he did it I would draw him. Surprisingly he did, so I did!

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2007 Indiana State Fair Art Show
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:00 pm

The art show at the Indiana State Fair is a relatively big deal. I’ve heard some artists at the Thursday night painting session say that getting into the Fair art show is more difficult than getting work into the Hoosier Salon, one of the local state art associations. This year I submitted 6 pieces, 3 drawings, 3 oil paintings. Two of my drawings were accepted. Sunday night they had an open house for artists to come in, see the show and learn what, if any, of their pieces were accepted. I took the camera and snapped shots of my 2 pieces on the walls.

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Sullivan High School Reunion
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 10:02 pm

Saturday night myself and two other caricaturists drove west and south to Sullivan, Indiana to draw for the Sullivan High School Class of 1967 Reunion. This is an example of the option of having me preprint a border specific to your event. There is an extra charge on top of the hourly fee for this service, see the website for specifics.

The two other artists I worked with, Gregg Tinsley, in the back awaiting another subject (as was I, which is how I could take this shot) and Rick Morris, the big guy on the right. If I’m busy then call Rick - but only if I’m busy! (Or if you like his stuff better or you just have to have a puppet at your event!) (I don’t think Gregg has a web site or I’d link you to him as well!)