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May 2007
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At the Indianapolis 500!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:59 pm

Today I worked three hours at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! I was booked by the Speedway and they were kind enough to get me involved in one of the motorcades to facilitate easy entry into the track. Armed with dashboard placard, mirror hanger parking designation, ticket to get past the front gate and yellow wrist band I sat in a parking lot at IUPUI from 8:20 to 9:00 watching the persistent rain come down and awaiting the start of the procession. Having lived here for the last 16 years and often endured “Race Day” as a resident it was an interesting experience being part of one of those motorcades. Escorted by police, zipping through the traffic lights, weaving into the oncoming traffic lanes to pass those patiently (mostly) waiting in a two mile long (at the least) line of traffic creeping toward the track area and to smoothly turn into the track, down the tunnel under the seats and up into the infield area.

I’ve worked the track many times during May but this is the first time I’ve been in there on Race Day. Had I not been given the opportunity to get in the track in that fashion I would most likely have turned the job down as getting around that area without such consideration is a nightmare (even though thousands of race fans endure it every year!).

Below is the young lady who took very good care of me during this booking!

An Englishman in Indianapolis! A retired police detective from London, now in construction. Very nice chap, even though I initially guessed his accent as Australian!

Another UK subject!

Since I bought a large memory card for my wife’s little digital camera which is what I’m taking to bookings now I took some shots I was leaving the track, just as the race was beginning. This is the entrance to the Plaza Hospitality Village where all the events I’ve ever booked were held. This is from the viewpoint within the Village at the entrance to where I was working.

Which is here, Suite 6A.

Here’s the Pagoda from which all the race broadcasting is transmitted. It’s just to the west of the Village with a large performance courtyard between.

Looking beyond the pagoda to the seats across the track.

This is a shot through one of the tunnels to get to the interior seats on the west side of the track. I only had a ticket to get into the infield and the Village so I couldn’t get any farther than this. Had I wanted to stay and watch the race I could have, from the infield, which, I’m told, is a great place to watch. I had intended to take more shots of the crowds in the stands and the hordes of people milling around outside of the track but even though I had a large memory card, the camera batteries gave out!

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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:57 pm

Just some beginning sketches of characters from LOST



and Locke;

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Another Bank Grand Opening
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:36 pm

Four hours at a bank grand opening;

He insisted on holding that expression so I drew a little slower.

A little Steve McQueen! I mentioned that to the Mom and I don’t think she knew who I was talking about!

Lots of kids.

Mother and Daughter.

Now DOGS!!

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Bar Mitzvah Bowling Party
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 7:17 pm

Saturday night I drew for two hours at a bar mitzvah bowling party. Lots of fun, terrible lighting, but lots of fun. I have to start carrying a lighting arrangement with me for when the venue’s lighting is inadequate. Here’s the photos.

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A Day at the Track
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:34 am

The Indianapolis 500 Track hosts lots of corporate parties during “race month.” These are most often held in the hospitality village which is in the infield area of the track. Wednesday I drew for five hours at Amcomps 25th anniversary party.







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