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April 2006
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Plein Air near the Track
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 3:56 pm

Monday morning I went over to the track (where the Indy 500 is run) and painted one of the relatively new footbridges on the west side of Georgetown Road. The track people, or the city of Speedway, built several of these footbridges to facilitate the race fans getting from wherever they park to the track. I like the look of the bridges and the gulley/creek underneath this one. I thought I’d better get it painted before May and things start getting crazy there. As it was there was already someone practicing in the track so I heard the engine scream for awhile as they came around the west side of the track.

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IPD Awards Banquet
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:54 pm

Saturday night I did the awards banquet for the Indianapolis Police Department. Here’s a digital camera tip, don’t reduce the image size of each shot you take when you plan on having to fiddle with the images to get them in shape for whatever use you plan to make of them. Unfortunately I did that at some point in the recent past. Thus the photos below are not the best quality. Hotel meeting room light usually requires some manipulation of the “Levels” command in Photoshop. As did these shots, but since I reduced the image size in the camera there was not as many 1s and 0s in the digital files to adjust. Learn from my mistakes.

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Another Thursday night at Herron
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 1:00 pm

No pre-arranged model this night so Frank, the organizer of the open model session, had to go on “press gang” duty and implore the services of any students with time to spare and a desire to put some cash in their pocket. He came up with Emily, who was a good model even though she’d never done it before. (And it’s not as easy as it looks!)

I returned to using the brush rather than the knife this time;

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Plein Air in Southwestern Indiana
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:09 pm

IPAPA, the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, has held a “paint-out” in New Harmony, IN for the past 8 years. This year was my first time to attend, my attendance of which was unfortunately cut short for business reasons. I think it was shortened to 3 days due to the proximity of Easter this year. Two full days of painting, then a show and competition of paintings done during the paint-out on Saturday.

I got to paint one of the three days. Here are some photos from my trip to the south east corner of the state.
This is the McCleod Barn Abbey, where I stayed. Very nice, economical, neat and clean.

This is what the rooms look like;

(The unmade bed is my fault.)

This the interior of the rooms area;

New Harmony is a tiny town that once hosted two utopian societal experiments in the 1800s, one was very successful, the other not so much. The Harmonists, the successful society, was one of those based on Christ’s second coming and when that didn’t happen on their timetable they decided to sell the town and go back from whence they came. This is the only place I’ve been in recent memory where there is no intrusion of fast food chains, Wal-Marts and other convenient but intrusive elements of modern society. I don’t know how they do it. Keep them out that is! There is a Wal-Mart, I was told, but you have to cross a toll bridge into Illinois and drive about 8 miles to get there!

Anyway, the one day of painting I got to do was in the company of two excellent plein air painters that I have met through the Thursday night Open Model Session at Herron School of Art on the IUPUI campus.

This is Corrine Hull, president of IPAPA as she exchanges friendly greetings with a New Harmony farmer and his farming war machine while we painted near his fields;

Here’s a better shot of Corrine;

She’s working in pastels and doing a beautiful job.

This is Mary Ann Davis, former president and now treasurer of IPAPA;

Unfortunately I didn’t get a better shot of Mary Ann. But you can use this link and go to her site and see her wonderful paintings. You can see my outdoor painting rig just beyond hers.

Here’s a couple of shots of me that Mary Ann took.

Even though I was only able to stay one painting day I really appreciated these two accomplished outdoor artists allowing “the new guy” to tag along and learn from them. Here are my two paintings. The morning effort;

And the afternoon attempt;

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Monday Morning Drawing
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 7:56 pm

For the past few months I’ve been attending an open model drawing session at the local Arts Center. It will end in a couple of weeks and I’ll have to find some alternative since the sessions offered in the spring and summer are at inconvenient times.

This time the model was “Liz.” A very good model, interesting features, in great shape and very expressive in her posing.

Watch It! He’s got a Knife!!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 10:22 pm

Another Thursday night Open Model Session practice piece and another pallet knife painting. This time totally knife, no brush whatsoever.

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