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March 2006
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Happy Birthday Brothers-in-law!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:53 pm

My wife’s family celebrates everyone’s birthdays in monthly chunks. March is the month for my two brothers-in-law. For their cards this year I did parody DC  comic covers.

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An In-Office Booking
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 6:46 pm

March 17th I did a three and a half hour booking at the office of an accounting firm in downtown Indianapolis. It started out in a conference room during a lunch then moved to the break room of the office. I think I drew 99% of their office staff.
Here are the photos that came out. I’ve cropped the drawings and placed them alongside the heads to save some scrolling space.


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Charity Booking
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 12:11 pm

Friday night, the 10th, I did an event for charity (and shameless self-promotion, to be honest). The Flower & Patio Show is a fairly big deal every year here in Indianapolis. The Noble Foundation had a pre-opening party as a fund raiser and many acts were invited to donate their time to appear. I did two hours, Barbara came with me to take some photos. I had asked her to come with me so she could see the exhibits but she never left my side during the entire span, wonderful wife that she is. Since she was snapping the photos I got some reaction shots. The expressions on the subjects faces when they first see their caricatures. Shots I can never get since I’m handing them their drawings. So here are most of the shots she took:

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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:37 pm

I go to an open model painting/drawing session almost every Thursday night at Herron Art School which is now a part of IUPUI (Indiana University/Purdue University of Indianapolis). Since I just started this blog I’ll do a little backtracking and post the quick oil studies I’ve done since the sessions started in January ‘06.
Each session is 3 hours long but with breaks there’s only about 2 hours of real work time.

January 19th I started out the year with a bang. I was happy with this one and several other people in the session complimented me on it.

One of my many oil painting problems is that I’ve been mixing up a batch of flesh color, slapping it on and then going in later and trying to insert other colors. With this I tried laying in the other (non flesh) colors first. Plus dealing with masses instead of doing a line drawing and then coloring it in. All these problems are a result of my trying to overcome my history as a line and airbrush artist for over 20 years. More on that later.

January 26, still going strong. Different model. Closed in for a portrait study. Same thing as last week, laid in masses of color then made it into flesh tones.


February 2. Same model. Still doing well, in my opinion. Pulled back to get some practice on folds since the consensus was that the model have some clothing on that night.


February 9. This is the same model as the first image if you can believe it! You can see I’m concentrating on large shapes and less on a likeness. At times it’s nice just to experiment with paint application.


February 16. Again, same model. A little more thought toward likeness but still more concerned with large areas. This is a small canvas and I was using large brushes.


February 23. Different model, looks a lot like the actress from Sex & the City.


I skipped the March 2nd, not much sleep Wednesday night left me feeling less than capable of standing up and painting from 7 to 10 PM.

March 9th. Up until the past few weeks I’ve tended to paint very thin, a canvas stainer, and I want to be comfortable laying on thick paint. So this time I used a palette knife for more of this than a brush. Not a bad start.

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My Second First Post
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 8:21 pm

I just realized my web hosting firm has blogging capabilities. This is my first try at posting something.
Here are a couple of stages of a celebrity caricature I am working on. Eventually it will be the cast of the TV show”House“.
This is the intial sketch, done in Painter IX using the pencil tool set to blue (no real reason other than it mimics using a non-photo blue pencil in conventional art materials).

Here is the first stage of painting it. Well, it’s sort of the first and a half stage since the face is already well into the modeling stage. The true first stage would have been flat colors all over. I lifted the blue pencil sketch onto a watercolor layer, set it’s transparency to about 20% then started laying in colors sampled from the photos reference of Mr. Laurie onto the canvas layer using the “artists oil brushes.”

(The reason this is the “second” first post is I’m getting used to the pre-formatting of this blogging thing. Plus the first title I chose was ill-chosen so I’m trying “McCalls”)

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