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December 2018
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Return to Life Drawing!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 4:48 pm

Last night, after an absence of too long, I returned to a life drawing session. This time at the Herron School of Art Alumni Tuesday night drawing session. It meets from 7PM to 10PM and is open to Herron alumni and other artists, like me, who did not graduated or attend Herron. The session started with two minute warm-up poses, then five minute poses, on up to 22 minute poses. My eyes started to protest right after 9 (I had been drawing all day in the studio) so they may have gone on to longer poses during the last hour. Greg, the moderator, orchestrated the session in what was, to me, a unique and highly effective fashion. He had recorded the entire three hours as a podcast on a laptop. Each pose and the intervening breaks were announced with background music playing throughout. Very effective!

Since this was my first outing in far too long I’m only going to show you the last three drawings, which turned out to my satisfaction. Excellent model by the way.

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NAMTA Trade Show!
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 10:19 pm

Thursday and Friday I was drawing all day at the NAMTA (International Art Materials Trade Association) Trade Show at the convention center. I do several trade shows a year and they are all enjoyable but to be in a trade show full of art materials was like being a kid in a candy store! A kid chained to one location in a candy store filled with delights that it was impossible to take home! Mainly because all the goodies on display were not for sale, but I certainly saw a lot of stuff that has intriguing possibilities!

I was working for ColArt using their newly acquired product Conté Crayons instead of my usual media for live events. They asked me to do portrait renderings and for the first day I did (with one exception). In an attempt to not make the subjects sit for too long, (they were there to do business, not be drawn by me!), for the first days portraits I used only the sanguine Conté crayon.

This gentleman requested a caricature.

Friday they decided I should do caricatures. Conté produces crayons in a variety of colors and I decided this was the time to try using their full spectrum color selection. I’ve never used them in this way, in a live setting, so I was learning on the job.

Starting to get the hang of it.

A little less finished because they were turning the lights down on us, trying to close the hall for the evening.

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Something a Little Different
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Posted by: Paul McCall @ 9:26 pm

Today I drew for a mortgage buyer/bankers trade show. But, they wanted somethings a little different. They wanted quick sketch portraits, not caricatures. Instead of my usual media I used sanguine conte crayon a blending stump and a kneaded eraser. Some are more successful than others but everyone seemed pleased.

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